Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Crafters Nestled Nook Mother's Day Giveaway

We are having a Mother's Day giveaway . This will be for all Mother's to sign up for . We will be drawing the winner , the last week of April .
As this begins , we have several who are dontating prizes . As they give me the pics of their finished goods , I will add the pics to the blog .
These gifts are handmade goods from all who donate . Made with love , from the heart .
Please stop by and sign up for this .
Their are only 2 rules . Post a comment about why you love being a Mother and share on your blog somewhere
You can use any of the images for sharing the giveaway on your blogs . Plus make Mother's Day cards .
More info coming soon .
Good Luck !
The Crafter's Nestled Nook


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

I love being a mother because when my daughter looks at me I see so much love in her eyes. There's nothing like the bond between a mother and a daughter.
I will post this giveaway to my sidebar.
Your images will make a beautiful card for my mother.

TheRustyThimble said...

I love being a Mother
When I was a child I could not wait to have my own children I was a baby sitter for my older siblings children
my nieces and nephews!
I felt as I had my two sons and one daughter that I was just complete
Life's circle had come around.
Now all three live so FAR away I do not get to see them often

I have always said if I had a Huge house and the means to take care of them that I would take in all the children that needed loving homes.

Mother's day is a very special day I am so blessed to still have my mother she is 90 years old! *and she still sews and quilts, so inspiring*

Please add my name to your giveaway I am adding a link and one of your lovely photos to my sidebar

mamatkins said...

I love being a mom because you can just see how well you raised your child in certain things they do and say. I love it. Thanks,

mamatkins said...

Here is my blog post

lindeelou said...

Love being a Mothe, Grandmother and Hubstermother.....someone always needs you at the right moment for a hug or a kiss....precious

BumbleBeeLane said...

I love being a temporary mother to children in need so they can feel the comfort,love and security they need.Always knowing that someone loves them and they are special.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Prim2Pink said...

Being a mother has brought me such love, joy and pride. We are still a very close family and enjoy doing lots of things together.If you don't mind my saying...I did a really great job raising my four. Now I get to watch them bring up their own kids and I get to relax and just spoil. LOL Ain't life grand?!
I posted your giveaway to my sidebar.
Love all the pictures you gave us to choose from.

The Gingerbread Gem said...


I'm new here. It's so interesting that we have post a comment about this topic.
I would like to enter if that's possible (I don't live in USA/Canada, but in Belgium).
I'll post your giveaway to my sidebar.

I love to be the proud mother of two little boys when they say they love me or give me a kiss, when I can be there when they need me, when I notice that they are sooo interested in everything life has to offer.


Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

Anyone can enter . I use the random generator for the winner when I draw to be fair to all . Doesn't matter where we are . we are all Mothers of some sort . No one is less a Mother because of where you live , adopted , cause they are still ours , foster , God Bless ! and so many more ! We are all MOTHER'S .

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Thank you Deb!!


Heidi said...

Hello, I would like to enter please. I can do a small post on my blog about your giveaway. I am a mother to 3 teenagers. I have a 16, 17 & 19 yr old. I always tell people had had them close so when they grew up they could all get out faster lol. But thus is vastly approaching for them to get their own lives and jobs and I am dreading it! I would love for them to always live here but I am looking forward to watching them achieve and grow into adults that I can be proud of. Ty for the giveaway.

The Gingerbread Gem said...

I just wanted to add that your giveaway inspired me to do a post about 'being a mommy'. I linked to your giveaway in this post.

Enjoy your Saturday evening

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

Why do I love being a mother.......I love the fact that I shared in creating these beautiful human beings that are an actual part of me and my husband, that they have some of our mannerisms but yet they are their own beings. I love their cuddles, smiles, laughter, love, smell, quirks, questions and answers. I love that I was given these children by God and that I will do my best to make sure that they grow up to be loving, moral and giving adults and that they make the most out of what life has to offer :)
Please enter me, I'm a new follower and I will post to my sidebar ~ thanks!

anette bernadino said...

Mothering to me is what I do best and love doing. Every baby and I have four, I brought home were a complete miracle. But time moves so quickly ... I am a "Gamma" of 12 now. I have witnessed and been through all of the emmotions and agony Moms love and endure throughout the blessed chore of parenting. I am so blessed to have been able to be a "Mom" in this life of mine ... I cannot imagine my life without my children and without the treasures of memories I have collected for the last 40 years of my 59 years on earth. I thank God everyday for answering my prayers 4 different times with my loving and beautiful babies ... 31 to 40. I love them with all of my heart and soul.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I Love being a Mother to my 3 sons, ages 22, 21 and 11. They are the Greatest accomplishment in my life. I would do anything for them. I raised my 2 older sons on my own after my husband had passed away. I am proud of the fine young men they have become. All 3 of my sons are such good kids. They help me out tremendously with doing chores around the
house, dishes, laundry etc... They have such different personalities, likes and dislikes.
Being a Mother is the Greatest feeling I have ever had. thank You for the wonderful giveaway. I will post on my sidebar.

Carol Stuck said...

I love being a mother. It is the most blessed experience to watch your loved one grow from a child into an adult. The perfect love...unconditional! It is something hard to describe and better experienced.


wickedfaerie said...

I am a new follower and I will post this great giveaway on my blog.

My son makes me love being a mother. He is the sweetest, kindest, most giving person anyone could ask for and if being his mother contributed to even part of that it makes being a mother worth it.


Fr√łken Frida said...

good Evening, I would like to enter please. I have already made a post on my blog about your giveaway. I am a mother of 3 grownups.

thanks for the giveaway
Hugs Frida


I love being a Mom, as I have watched my 3children grow from wee tiny babies into mature loving people. It feels my heart with love and pride to look at them, even after all these years, all the trials and tribulations were worth it. I would love to be in your giveaway and I am a follower. Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway. Linda

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