Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spice Cupboard Make-Over

Want to share with you today the lil spice cupboard I've been working on. Due to the humidity it's taken a while to finish this project. I'll show you the before and after pics but for anyone curious I'll tell what I did. As you can see in the before pic below it had a little fruit decal on the top shelf backboard. I first took the cupboard apart then sanded the decal so it would be gone. I wanted to remove the lattice inside the doors so I carefully took them out. Since I wanted a Mustard over Black, I spray painted the flat black base coat. I then mixed a mustard shade using my Apple Barrel acrylic crafting paints and painted each piece allowing to dry in-between two coats. Now it was time to decide what I wanted to replace inside the doors. I was thinking of wire screen, but when I got my roll I saw it wasn't the wire type. So I used some small square panel wire, or better known as rabbit wire. Once those were finished it was time to put on the stain/sealer. That finally dried today so I re-assembled the cupboard and can now enjoy the new prim look! And, I also have a tut on making the lil spice jar labels which can be found on The Crafter's Nestled Nook forum here:

This is the before pic of lil cupboard with spice jars as hubby brought home to me:

Here's another before pic....

Here it is after the make-over....

And another after pic.......

Hope you've enjoy this simple n easy make-over! Come join us at the forum for lots more!
Till next time, wishing you a very crafty day!


Sandy said...

Even before I saw the finished one, I said to myself, I would take out the diamond shape front and replace it with wire. I guess we think a like

Nancy Sallee said...

what a awesome job ... love the color you chose

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